custom domain and branding




Published API document

APIGit offers user-friendly, beautifully themed API documents with various view modes. You can publish an API document from any point in the API repository history, ensuring that you always have access to the latest version of your documentation. Additionally, you can also point your own domain to the published documents, allowing you to present them in your brand's style. It makes it easy to share your API documentation with internal teams and external partners, while maintaining a consistent and professional look and feel.

Custom domain and branding

When you visit the published API document, you will notice that the URL begins with We are pleased to offer support for custom domains and branding to align with your business.

Navigate to API Doc Center and you will find a setting icon in your published Doc filed.


You can upload a logo file and set up a custom domain. After you set up a custom domain, you needs to point your domain's CNAME record to to make it work. And only publicly accessible API documents can be accessed through your custom domain.


Your customers can access the published API document using your own domain.