The Native Git based Collaboration Platform for API Design, Mock, Document and Share

Simplify API development through visualizated OpenAPI editor and built-in native Git support. Document like code, share with ease!

What is APIGit ?

APIGit is a native Git based collaboration platform for full life cycle API development. It builds in native Git support to simplify API documents management, version control and team sharing!
API Design
With our most easy-to-use visualized API Editor, API design is just easy and efficient. You can design your API without knowing any OpenAPI spec knowledge.
API Document
View, publish and share the APi spec with different beautiful document themes. It greatly reduces communication effort among teams or partners.
Dynamic Mock Server
"One-click" to generate mock servers from API Spec. With the dynamic programming ability, you can simulate any of your complex business logic!
Markdown Document
Markdown doc are perfect places to share the design thoughts, using guide or any business logic behind the API. Organize the docs in the way you like!
Native Git Repository
Built in native git support. All spec and other files are stored in native git repository. You can use your familiar git way to manage it and never lose tracking of every change.
Team/organization offers the best flexibility of sharing and collaboration with RBAC (role based access control). It is gene of this API collaboration platform.
APIGit for team and collaboration

A better way to work together

APIGit brings teams together to work through problems, move ideas forward, and learn from each other along the way.
API Design and Document
APIGit is a native Git based collaboration platform for you to quickly design your api through easy-to-use virsualized OpenAPI editor without knowing any OpenAPI spec knowledge.! Publish and share as beautiful themed api documents. It greatly reduces communication effort among teams or partners.

Native Git support
APIGit builds in all git core capabilities, so all api spec, mock server scripts or mark down documents are managed through git repository. You can tag, branch, pull, push, merge, clone, mirror with all you daily used git functions!

Dynamic mock servers
APIGit's mock server is programmable and dynamic, you can use it to simulate any of business logic with dynamic contents or states. Mock servers can also be automatically generated from our API spec with one click to easy your life.

Team/Partner Collaboration
With Apigit, we support flexible Team/Organization and role-based access control. It is easy for you to share a api repository with different scopes and access permissions.

Repository in Sync

git providers
Leveraging Git mirror or migration setting, you can easily keep API repositories in Sync with any popular Git providers or even your self-hosted Git Servers.
Native Git support
API Design
API Document
Dynamic MockServer
Team Collaboration