Dynamic Programmable Mock Server

APIGit provides a programmable and dynamic mock server, which you can use to simulate any business logic with dynamic content or states. It's a powerful tool that allows you to test your APIs in a realistic environment, without the need for a real backend. Additionally, mock servers can also be automatically generated from your API specification with just one click, making it easy to set up and use. It saves you time and effort, and enables you to quickly test and validate your APIs, ensuring that they are functioning as expected before deployment.

Automatically generate mock Server
With the API specification definition, APIGit can automatically generate the routes and scripts for the mock server. You can then customize the routes by modifying the response or adding business logic.

MockServer view mode - default view
In the default view of the mock server, you can easily review the defined routes and their implementation in the scripts, providing a comprehensive understanding of the mock server's functionality.
MockServer view mode - diff view
In the mock server's 'diff view', you can compare one script to another. This feature is particularly useful for code generation. By comparing an existing script with an automatically generated script, you can easily review and identify any differences between the two.

Mock server editing mode - code view
When in 'code mode', you have the ability to view and edit all routes directly. This can be useful for quickly making changes to multiple routes at once, such as through copy and paste. This can be a more efficient method of editing routes than navigating through the interface.
Mock server editing mode - diff view
Similar to other sections of the application, you can review changes made in 'diff mode' before committing them. This allows you to confidently make changes, knowing that you have reviewed and approved of them first.

Advanced, programmable mock server with stateful capabilities
Publish your mock server and bring it to life with a customizable domain name. Use it as a temporary backend to test your API before your actual backend is ready. The live mock server is stateful and provides detailed logs for debugging your API requests.

Multiple active running mock servers for one repository
Easily test various stages of your business by publishing a mock server at any point of your git history, similar to API spec and markdown documents. Multiple active mock servers are supported for complete simulation.