Markdown Document

APIGit allows you to create a set of organized markdown documents to introduce your design ideas and the business logic behind your APIs. These documents will be part of the published API documentation, providing a clear and easy-to-understand overview of the API's purpose and functionality. The hierarchical organization of these documents makes it easy to navigate and understand the information, making it a valuable resource for both developers and end-users.

Beautiful markdown view
Create a clear and organized documentation structure by creating multiple Markdown documents in the repository and arranging them in a hierarchical manner.
Beautiful markdown view - code
Quickly access the raw content of a Markdown document by switching to code view mode.
Beautiful markdown view - diff
Quickly review the differences between two documents by switching to diff view.

Beautiful markdown editing - markdown preview editor
Experience a user-friendly way of creating and editing Markdown documents with the WYSIWYG editing feature provided by the Markdown editor, and use its rich toolbar to quickly write without the need to learn the spec.
Beautiful markdown editing - code editor
Switch to code mode for direct access to the raw content of a Markdown document, allowing for easy editing.
Beautiful markdown editing - diff
Quickly review the modifications made to a Markdown document in relation to its original version by switching to diff mode.

Beautiful markdown document - published
Publish your Markdown documents in the repository, while having the ability to switch between different versions and maintaining a consistent view.