API testing

APIGit offers a flexible and robust approach to testing and monitoring APIs, through the use of pre-configured code snippets. You can validate complex end-to-end workflows with specific request sequences, ensuring that your APIs are functioning as expected. Additionally, you can schedule API tests to run automatically at specific locations and intervals, allowing you to continuously monitor your APIs and quickly identify and resolve any issues that may arise.

Intuitive Test Case Editor
Our drag-and-drop form-based test case editor allows you to easily create a set of requests in minutes, regardless of your prior knowledge of HTTP requests.
Our test case editor offers the flexibility of switching between raw code and diff editor mode at any time. Advanced users can also utilize copy, paste, and batch editing functions to improve efficiency.

API Testing Across Multiple Geographies
We offer the ability to run test cases in multiple global locations, allowing for easy debugging and monitoring of latency and performance for global API access.

API Scheduling and Continuous Monitoring
By setting schedules, you can automatically run your test cases at your chosen locations and at specified intervals, allowing for continuous monitoring of the availability and performance of your API.

Detailed Test Reports
For each execution of a test case, you receive a comprehensive report containing all the request and response details. This allows for easy debugging and identification of the root cause of any failures.