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Test OpenAI

OpenAI Completion

OpenAI Completion, powered by GPT-3.5, is a powerful language model developed by OpenAI. It can perform a wide range of tasks involving natural language understanding and generation. Some of the things OpenAI Completion can do include:

  1. Drafting and editing: You can use OpenAI Completion to write essays, articles, blog posts, or any other form of written content. It can help with generating ideas, improving sentence structure, and enhancing overall readability.

  2. Creative writing: The model can assist in creative writing endeavors such as storytelling, scriptwriting, or poetry generation. You can provide prompts or partial sentences, and the model can continue the text in a coherent and imaginative manner.

  3. Answering questions: OpenAI Completion can provide answers to factual questions by utilizing its understanding of various topics. It can provide explanations, definitions, or descriptions based on the information it has been trained on.

  4. Language translation: The model can help translate text from one language to another. You can input a sentence or a paragraph in one language, and the model can generate a translation in the desired language.

  5. Code generation: OpenAI Completion can generate code snippets in various programming languages based on the provided requirements or specifications. It can assist in tasks like automating repetitive coding tasks or providing examples of code implementations.

  6. Conversational agents: The model can be used to create conversational agents or chatbots that can interact with users in a natural language manner. It can respond to user queries, hold conversations, and provide relevant information or assistance.

  7. Summarization and document analysis: OpenAI Completion can summarize long articles, documents, or web pages, providing concise and coherent summaries. It can also analyze documents, extract relevant information, or generate keywords related to the content.

It's important to note that while OpenAI Completion is a powerful tool, it should be used with care and critical evaluation. It may occasionally produce incorrect or nonsensical responses, so human oversight and verification are recommended when using the model for important tasks.

Create API spec for OpenAI Completion

Navigate to your repository and add a spec according to OpenAI Completion's spec.


Make sure you have add a tag and bind your API to a tag.

"tags": [
      "name": "OpenAI",
      "description": ""
  "paths": {
    "/v1/completions": {
      "post": {
        "summary": "Post your question to OpenAI",
        "description": "Try OepenAI with the simplest request.",
        "operationId": "",
        "tags": [

Create API test for OpenAI Completion

Navigate to Test Cases under your repository and create a test file for your API. You can add a test case by Sync from API Spec.


We can initialize a set of test cases.


And then replace the request body data with data from your set.


Try the Copy button as many times as the length of your set.


Before publish your test case, you can try the Run button to find how the test cases work.


And here is the result. test-openai-case-result