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Build Custom Webhooks Using Apigit

At Apigit, we understand that streamlining the lives of developers is essential. To this end, we have a growing list of integrations that are commonly used, and our custom webhooks let developers customize their workflow by triggering actions. This way, we make accessing the necessary data and automating their workflows simple and efficient.

What is a Custom Webhook?

Custom webhooks (also known as web callbacks) are used by applications to connect with other applications to get instant notifications about an update or an event that is being monitored. However, unlike regular API calls that pull data at regular intervals, webhooks allow you to get real-time updates.

Apigit Custom Webhooks

To create a webhooks for your repository, click the setting icon beside your repository. ️ apigit-custom-webhooks-add

To understand how webhooks work, follow these steps:

  1. Publish a mock server using Apigit.
  2. Fill the Web Hook URL field with the URL of the mock server.
  3. Monitor the mock server log for any changes made in your repository.

Here is the log when I try to post an issue.

Content-Type: application/json
host: service-432c52uwedzskn22
User-Agent: GogsServer
X-Amzn-Trace-Id: Root=1-646429f9-600198f81eac6574410074fe
X-Apigit-Delivery: 3fdcd42d-5bcb-45c5-b01a-27a2e5e23b00
X-Apigit-Event: issues
X-Forwarded-Port: 80
X-Forwarded-Proto: http
X-Github-Delivery: 3fdcd42d-5bcb-45c5-b01a-27a2e5e23b00
X-Github-Event: issues
X-My-Request-Header: XXX

  "action": "opened",
  "number": 5,
  "issue": {
    "id": 126,
    "number": 5,
    "user": {
      "id": 1346,
      "username": "xxxx",
      "login": "xxxx",
      "full_name": "",
      "email": "xx@xx.com",
      "avatar_url": "https://secure.gravatar.com/avatar/xx?d=identicon",
      "is_invite_pending": false
    "title": "5",
    "body": "5",
    "labels": [],
    "milestone": null,
    "assignee": null,
    "state": "open",
    "comments": 0,
    "created_at": "0001-01-01T00:00:00Z",
    "updated_at": "0001-01-01T00:00:00Z",
    "pull_request": null
  "repository": {
    "id": 1210,
    "owner": {
      "id": 1346,
      "username": "tuass",
      "login": "tuass",
      "full_name": "",
      "email": "xx@xx.com",
      "avatar_url": "https://secure.gravatar.com/avatar/xx?d=identicon",
      "is_invite_pending": false
    "name": "test",
    "full_name": "xx/test",
    "description": "",
    "private": true,
    "unlisted": false,
    "fork": false,
    "parent": null,
    "empty": false,
    "mirror": false,
    "size": 876544,
    "html_url": "https://app.apigit.com/repository/xxxx/test",
    "ssh_url": "git@app.apigit.com:xxxx/test.git",
    "clone_url": "https://app.apigit.com/xxxx/test.git",
    "remote_addr": "",
    "website": "",
    "stars_count": 0,
    "forks_count": 0,
    "watchers_count": 1,
    "open_issues_count": 0,
    "default_branch": "master",
    "created_unix": "2023-04-29T03:36:18Z",
    "updated_unix": "2023-05-16T22:23:21Z",
    "status": 0
  "sender": {
    "id": 1346,
    "username": "xxxx",
    "login": "xxxx",
    "full_name": "",
    "email": "xx@xx.com",
    "avatar_url": "https://secure.gravatar.com/avatar/xx?d=identicon",
    "is_invite_pending": false