View API documents in different modes



APIGit offers a flexible and user-friendly experience for viewing API documents. You can easily switch between different viewers to view the same document from different perspectives, allowing you to gain a deeper understanding of the API and its capabilities. The default viewer is built using the popular open-source Redoc viewer, which provides an attractive and straightforward layout that makes it easy to navigate and understand the API documentation.

API main

The Swagger viewer is a classic and easy-to-use option for visualizing API documents. It offers a simple, uncluttered layout that allows for clear and efficient navigation. Additionally, this viewer is optimized for performance, making it an ideal choice for large or complex API documents. It provides a traditional way to understand and navigate the API documentation which is simple and easy to understand.

swagger UI

The Code viewer offers a raw and unformatted view of an API document, providing users with a detailed look at the underlying structure and format of the document. This viewer is particularly useful for debugging errors, as it allows users to see the exact code and formatting used in the API. Additionally, for experts in API development, the Code viewer can be an efficient way to edit API documents, providing easy access to the underlying code. This viewer is the best choice for developers and experts who want to understand the API documentation in a more technical way and make changes to it.

Code viewer

The Diff viewer allows users to compare two different API documents within a repository. This feature is particularly useful for third-party integrations, as it allows for easy review and understanding of any changes made to auto-generated API documents. It helps to compare the changes made in the API document and understand the updates in a better way. It is a great tool for reviewing updates, merging changes and ensuring consistency in the API documents.

diff viewer