automate your api testing by scheduling your testcases runs




Automate Your API Testing by Scheduling Your Testcases Runs on Apigit

The introduction of APIs as products has drastically changed the way we do business. By allowing us to quickly access and use data and resources, APIs have become a valuable asset to many companies, helping them to increase their productivity and streamline operations. With this increased reliance on APIs, it is essential that they are tested to ensure they are of the highest standard. Testing your APIs ensures that there are no unexpected behaviours that can negatively affect the user experience and, consequently, the reputation and performance of your business. By thoroughly testing your APIs, you can build trust with your customers and provide a quality product.

With Apigit, you can automate your API testing with ease. The Testcases Runner offers all the features necessary to create reliable, fast, and repeatable tests, so you can make sure every API you release is guaranteed to meet your standards.

You can now make your test execution process automated by scheduling your testcases runs on Apigit, as of today. This is exciting news for us!

Schedule your Testcases runs on Apigit Cloud

The Testcases Runner is a powerful tool, allowing you to run an entire Apigit Testcase at once. It can contain tests for your endpoints, allowing you to sequence your requests to create scenarios. The new feature allows for the automation of periodic test executions by scheduling your testcases runs at desired times and frequencies: much like using a cron job to automate future tasks.

Unlike Testcases Runner runs that are conducted on the user's local machine, Scheduled Testcases runs will utilize Apigit Cloud's infrastructure. As a result, users do not need to concern themselves with possible errors or failures that could arise due to the unavailability of their machine.

Configuring the scheduled run

You can now schedule Testcases run executions at a specified frequency. For example, you can configure them to occur every hour. Additionally, you can pause the execution at any time and then resume it at your convenience.

You can configure your scheduled API Testcase runs to use different environment files, allowing for reusability and facilitating testing in multiple environments such as beta, staging, and production. Additionally, specify the execution frequency for the configured Testcases runs.

How to Automate your testing by scheduling Testcases runs

You can easily schedule your Testcases runs on Apigit Cloud by navigate to API Testing and find your testcase under your repository. Choose Execution Schedules and click + Add new Schedule.

selecting a collection or folder containing your tests