Automatic generation of Ready-to-Use Mockservers



In our recent release, we introduced one-click generation of ready-to-use mock servers features. This will transform the way you create and manage your mock servers. With just one click, you can now quickly generate ready-to-use mock servers from your API specification stored in APIGit's repository or an APIGit mock server example.

To take advantage of this new feature, simply navigate to the Mock Server Scripts tab and click on the Automatic Mockserver Script Generation button. From there, you can select the API specification you wish to generate the mock server from.

automatic generation of mock server button

Select which API specifications will be used for the mock server generation in the poped up window.

automatic generation of mock server dialog

A full ready-to-use mock server script is generated after clicking start generate button

automatic generation of mock server dialog

For added convenience, the automatic mock server script generation process will also backup all existing mock scripts to a designated backup folder and create new main.js and additional mock server script files. With the diff feature, you can easily compare and apply changes between your existing mock server and the newly generated one, ensuring that your mock server is always up-to-date.

automatic generation of mock server publish

In addition to generating the entire mock server scripts, you can also use the Sync routes from API Spec option to manually compare and apply changes when editing.The function makes it easy to detect changes in your API specification and update your mockserver up-to-date, ensuring it accurately reflects the latest state of your API.

automatic generation of mock serverver merge editor

Here are some of the key benefits of this new feature:

  • One-click generation of ready-to-use mockservers from API specifications stored in APIGit's repository
  • Easy identification of changes and updates with the "Sync Routes from API Specification" function
  • Effortless comparison and application of changes with the diff feature

We believe that this new feature will significantly enhance your experience with Mockserver and make the process of creating and managing mock servers faster and easier. If you have any questions or feedback, please don't hesitate to reach out to our support team. We're here to help!