team work in apigit



teamwork in apigit

Teamwork in apigit

Apigit allows teams to create organizations and teams where team members can collaborate on API-related tasks. Organizations provide a centralized environment for sharing collections, environments, and other project assets.

To enable this new feature, you can start with one month free trialing Enterprise Plan from Billing & Plan.

team-work-in-apigit-plan With this plan, you can share your repository with upto 5 team members or upgrade later.

Add a colleague

Navigate to Billing & Plan from your username located at the top right of the window.

team-work-in-apigit-add-colleague You can add your colleagues by name or email.

Add a organization

Go to Organization located at the top right of the window.


Add a member to your team

After adding your organization, there is a basic Owners team under your organization.

team-work-in-apigit-member You can click Teams view all and then add any other teams.

team-work-in-apigit-member-add Choose Owners or other team under Teams at the left panel and add a member.

Create Organization Repository

After creating your organization, you can establish a fundamental 'Owners' team and additional teams within the organization. Each team can have members added to it. Next, you have the ability to create a repository for your organization and assign access permissions for each team.


Powering your API collaboration

Utilize Apigit's team management options to enable stakeholders, regardless of their roles, to contribute to your API projects. With Apigit's collaboration features, users can edit, review, and comment on all aspects of an API, maximizing the utilization of skills and perspectives within your organization.