API Design


APIGit utilizes the widely accepted and supported OpenAPI specification 3.0.x as the standard for defining REST APIs in the industry. Our self-developed, easy-to-use, fully visualized OpenAPI editor allows you to write API specifications quickly and easily, without needing any prior knowledge of the OpenAPI specification. The visual interface makes it simple for anyone to understand and create API documentation, streamlining the development process and enabling you to focus on creating high-quality APIs that adhere to industry standards.

Spec main

API Spec Editor - Form view

By clicking the 'Edit' button, an API specification enters form edit mode, making it the simplest way to make modifications to the API. This mode does not require any knowledge of OpenAPI as the specification is fully visualized, making it easy to understand and edit.

Spec editor form view

API Spec Editor - code view

In code mode, you can view the raw API document content, making it easy for you to make direct edits or troubleshoot any issues with the specification.

Spec editor code view

API Spec Editor - diff view

In diff mode, you can compare the current version of the API specification being edited to its original version, and make direct edits to the content. This allows you to easily identify and resolve any differences between the two versions, making sure that the changes are accurate and aligned with the original version.

Spec editor diff view