Publish API Doc

We can publish an API Document from API Repository at any point of the git history. A published API document includes two parts:

  • API Specifications: all the '.json' or '.yaml' files out of folder '.apigit', 'apigit-doc' and 'apigit-mock'.
  • Markdown documents: all the '.md' files in folder 'apigit-doc'.

API Repo Fiels

There are three places to publish API document in an API Repository page:

  • Method 1: Click 'Publish' button will publish the latest ('HEAD') API Spec and markdown files of the repository as an API Document.

Publish Button

  • Method 2: Click 'History' button, and then publish from a latest commit in the list as an API Document.

Publish from List

  • Method 3: Click the 'History' button and go to 'All Commits' page. You can select any commit to publish as an API Document from the whole history of the API repository.

Publish from all list

In the publish API document dialog, you can set version, description for this API document. All this information can also be modified in the API document setting page later.

Publish API Dialog

Once you publish an API document, you can navigate to the 'API Doc Center' page, and click an API document to review. Your team members will automatically be granted access permission to this published document. If you would like to share the document to someone outside of your organization, you can do it by adding external users in the settings page.

Publish API Center

Click one of the published versions. You will enter that specific version's API Document page.

Published API Doc