Publish API Testing

Same as publishing API documents, you can publish an API Testing from API Repository at any point of the git history. We will use test case files under apigit-test folder to do testing or set up scheduled testing in future.

API Repo Files

Same as API document, there are three places to publish an API Testing in an API Repository page:

  • Method 1: Click the 'Publish' button will publish an API Testing by using the latest ('HEAD') test case files under the 'apigit-test' folder.

API Publish Button

  • Method 2: Click the 'History' button, and then publish from the latest commit in the list as an API Testing.

publish latest commit

  • Method 3: Click the 'History' button and go to 'All Commits' page. You can select any commit to publish an API Testing from the whole history of the API repository.

publish all commits

  • Method 4: In test case editing mode, you can directly publish a testing from a recent commit.

publish all commits

In the publish API Testing dialog, you can set the name and description for this publish. All this information can also be modified in the api testing setting page later.

publish api testing dialog

Once you publish an API Testing, you can navigate to the API Testing management page, and do testing or setup schedule there ...

api testing

Click one of the published api testing. You will enter that api testing's page.

api testing